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Dental Solutions to Treat Sleep Apnea -- The Secret is Out – Hampton, VA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dental solutions for sleep apnea is exploding across the nation as apnea patients celebrate the notion of getting rid of their CPAP machines. Now to be frank and up front, dental solutions don't work for everyone (and only your medical doctor can make this call), but patients are increasingly demanding that their medical doctors authorize sleep studies utilizing a dental device (vice CPAP) to determine if the dental solution is a viable alternative. But the news is good! You have a very good chance that you can rid yourself of CPAP and turn to a treatment that is convenient, comfortable, and invisible to your bed partner.

Repertory physicians refer their patients to dentists to develop dental solutions to treat sleep apnea patients treatments (in Hampton, VA) taking all health issues into consideration. It's very simple. You may not need forced air to treat your apnea condition. You may simple need to ensure your jaw does not recede back during sleep and block your airway. By using a dental device (much like an adjustable athletic mouth guard), you simply are insured that your jaw stays forward and thus enabling unobstructed airflow through your throat. Very simple and non-invasive treatment which every apnea patient owes it to themselves (and to their partners) to investigate.

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Simple Preventative Dental Care Stops Life-Long Dental Damage – Newport News, VA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 20, 2016

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is a life decision most often not appreciated until well into adult life. Few truly appreciate damaged (or loss) of tooth and gum until it happens to them despite witnessing this damaging effect on others. We can't emphasize strongly enough the importance of practicing uninterrupted preventative dental care. If you take each preventative care measure seriously, you will be able to prevent many of the most common and consequential issues that damage your teeth. Taking just a few minutes each day to brush and floss your teeth can help ensure that your smile is healthy throughout your lifetime.

Our professional dental care team here in Newport News, VA highlight the importance of preventative dental care especially for children while their adult teeth are still forming. The earlier they develop the habit of brushing and flossing regularly as well as paying visits to the dentist’s clinic bravely can guarantee that they will have aesthetically pleasing teeth, fresh breath, and better overall dental health.

If you have questions regarding the best way for you and your family to practice preventative dental care, it will not hurt your teeth to seek out expert advice from the dental care professionals. Consulting one is the best way to enjoy a healthy dental health for a long time because you can be sure that you are doing everything you can and doing everything properly after getting help from your dentist.

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Dentists Now Work Closely with Sleep Doctors to Make Dental Solutions to Treat Sleep Apnea

Darren Kincaid - Friday, October 14, 2016

Sleep apnea is a deadly disease but is treatable by multiple means. The most common treatment involves continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), but doctors and patients alike are increasingly choosing dental solutions over CPAP. Dental treatment of sleep apnea involves using a mouthpiece that is very similar to an athletic mouth guard. Unlike CPAP, dental apnea solutions are comfortable, easily maintained, and inconspicuous treatment option. Anyone who suffers from sleep apnea owes it to themselves to discuss dental treatment options with their medical doctor.

Our dentists, upon written order from your medical doctor, will build you a custom dental sleep apnea solution for you. We will conduct a complete clinical evaluation at your first visit. Such examination will include your teeth, jaw, tongue, and airway. You will then be told about the benefits of sleep apnea treatments as well as the potential side effects and cost of therapy.

Sleep apnea treatments in Hampton, VA also include making and fitting oral appliances that are customized using digital or physical impressions of your teeth. They will then be sent to a dental lab where the oral appliance is custom-made just for your case in order to maximize comfort and effectiveness.

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Dental Sedation Techniques Prevent Spontaneous Movement and Guide Cooperative Behavior – Newport News, VA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 07, 2016

In contrast to general anesthesia that renders the patient unconscious, dental sedation techniques are only intended to reduce the patient’s anxiety and discomfort during dental visits. In some cases, the patient may become drowsy or less active while sedated, but the effects of sedation will quickly cease after the dental procedure is completed. That is why these techniques are great for kids who have somehow developed fear from seeing the dentist or visiting the clinic thereby causing them to fail receiving treatments that they might need the most.

Among the existing dental sedation techniques, oral sedation process is the most recommended for kids who are uncooperative, particularly anxious, or unable to control their muscles or movements for prolonged periods. These kids maybe offered an oral sedative in order make them feel drowsy and relaxed thereby making it easier for the pediatric dentist to conduct and complete the dental treatment. When sedated, the patient will be able to keep still so the dentist can perform high-precision procedures safely.

Sedation is used in several circumstances. Firstly, very young children are often unable keep still for long enough for the dentist to perform high-precision procedures safely. Sedation makes the visit less stressful for both children and adults and vastly reduces the risk of injury. Secondly, some children struggle to manage anxiety during dental appointments. Sedation helps them to relax, cope, and feel happier about treatment. Thirdly, sedation is particularly useful for children with special needs. It prevents spontaneous movement, and guides cooperative behavior.

Before recommending a method of dental sedation for our patients in Newport News, VA, our doctors first assess medical and dental history, patient concerns, and patient comfort levels with the various options. The expected duration of the procedure will also be taken into consideration. Because dental sedation techniques prevent spontaneous movement and guide cooperative behavior, you can guarantee of a speedy dental treatment that generates best results.

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