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BriteSmile In-Office Teeth Whitening For the Perfect Smile

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Oyster Point Dentistry - Teeth whitening

A pleasing personality and an attractive and neat appearance is always required in the job seeking process. A perfect set of white teeth can contribute to your overall appearance. However, it's hard to maintain teeth whiteness due to aging, genetics, food and lifestyle habits. However, there is a safe solution to whiten stained and discolored teeth.

In-office whitening treatment offers safe and reliable teeth bleaching and is performed by a licensed dental practitioner. This teeth whitening process offers superior results when compared to over-the-counter options. A higher concentration of bleaching gels are uses and closely monitored during this he procedure protecting both teeth and gums. The process of Britesmile teeth whitening systems has remarkable results. Prior to the actual treatment, the dentist will properly prepare the teeth by removing plaque for smoother application of the bleaching gel. In fact, a meticulous dental exam is conducted to make certain that the teeth and gums are in perfect condition.

The actual treatments starts with the application of cheek retractors to further expose the teeth. A rubbery resin is then applied to the surrounding gums to serve as protection. The hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel is then applied and sits for 15-30 minutes, depending on the desired tone. A second coating then is applied after the first gel application is cleaned away. The Britesmile blue light is then used to illuminate the gel which activates and stimulates the oxidation process. Results can be seen immediately following the session. Your licensed dentists in Newport News, VA will then provide each patient with post-treatment instructions to ensure that results will last.

With BriteSmile teeth whitening treatment, you can confidently walk into job interviews. Contact Oyster Point Dentistry to find out more about this teeth whitening treatment.

What is TMJ Disorder and How to Treat IT?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Are you suffering from a headache upon waking up in the morning? Does the pain run from your head to your neck and shoulders? If you are experiencing this pain on a daily basis, you may have a TMJ disorder. These manifestations can be brought about by a dental problem. Misaligned teeth or jaw, an injury, severe teeth grinding and arthritis are factors that can result in TMJ syndrome. Anything that can cause too much pressure on the nerves and muscles that surround your tempomandibular joint can cause migraines and facial pain.

TMJ disorder can also lead to broken teeth which causes severe toothaches. In order to ease the pain, see a dental practitioner to provide the right treatment. Commonly, customized dental splints are applied that precisely fit the patient's upper and lower teeth. Dental splints are orthodontic devices that can stabilize loose teeth and protect them from further damage. The device will prevent the patient from grinding or clenching their teeth repeatedly during the night.

There are other treatment options offered for treating TMJ which include using steroids to relieve the inflammation. In worst cases, dental surgery is recommended to fully treat the disorder. If you think you may be suffering from TMJ, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

A Dental Implant can Replace a Missing Tooth without Compromising Aesthetics or Comfort

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Due to the annoying discomforts that are experienced with traditional dentures, many now choose dental implants as a replacement for missing teeth. The titanium root is embedded in the bone to serve as an orthodontic anchor. At the top of the implant, a porcelain crowned tooth is attached.

Replacing a missing tooth is possible with a single dental implant or, for multiple missing teeth, they can be replaced with multiple dental implants. When you lose a tooth, the void will continue to diminish and deteriorate, filling the gap is necessary for many reasons, not the least of which are function, self-confidence, and aesthetics. Dental implants are recommended to eliminate tooth and gum decay caused by missing teeth. Additionally, this treatment option looks essentially identical to natural teeth.

Don't settle on conventional dentures that can compromise both aesthetics and comfort. In lieu of classic dentures, dental implants offers long lasting solutions without sacrificing other important aspects. To find out if you are a candidate for dental implant treatment, contact Oyster Point Dentistry for a consultation.

Improved Root Canal Process Offers Painless Dental Treatment

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 07, 2018
Oyster Point Dentistry, Newport News, VA - Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment, commonly known as a root canal, is a dental procedure where the infected tooth pulp is removed and the clean cavity is filled and sealed. This is the recommended treatment to preserve a tooth that has an infected nerve. However, root canal treatments have been extremely painful in the past to the point where the point that some patients opt out of this treatment option.

However, improvements have been made to make root canal treatment much more tolerable with minimal to no pain, especially when it is done at the early stage. Often, anesthesia is ineffective because the nerve has already decayed. Thus, patients are highly advised to seek consultation at the earliest onset of gum pain. This makes the procedure easier to undertake and a less painful treatment.

The process of a dental root canal includes numbing the affected site and extracting the infected tissue. Antiseptic solutions are then applied. After a couple of weeks, the site is checked for proper healing before sealing. Dental root canal treatment in Newport News, VA is the only method to effectively preserve and re-strengthen your teeth.

Contact Oyster Point Dentistry immediately if you are suffering from dental pain. Early treatment can save your teeth from total decay.