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How Dental Filling Are Accomplished

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 28, 2020
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Children are susceptible to get cavities. They always have been and always will be. But cavities are more than minor health problems. Cavities and tooth decays are one of the primary reasons why kids miss school. They can cause infection and be severely painful. So when a cavity presents, what will your dentist do for you?

Your dentist will first put your child at ease via comforting reassurance. This need not be the haunting experience most children assume a trip to the dentist will be. Your dentist will assess the severity of the cavity. From there, you are presented with different treatment options. In most cases, dental fillings are recommended especially when the cavity is early detected.

Dental Fillings Procedure

The treatment starts by administering a local anesthesia to numb the surrounding area of the tooth and reduce the sensation of pain. The affected tooth is then isolated in order to avoid contamination while keeping it dry by using a dental guard. Then, the decayed portion of the tooth will be removed. The instruments usually used in dental filling include laser, drill or an air abrasion device.

When the decay has been eliminated, the tooth is cleaned to ensure bacteria and debris is removed and won't cause issues in the future. Your dentist will now apply the filling material with the help of a special light to harden the product. Finally, your dental fillings are tested to ascertain alignment and a polish is applied to make it smooth as the other teeth.

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