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Multiple Dental Implant Treatment

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 29, 2019
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Bridges, Newport, News, VA

Although dental implant treatment has been around for quite some time now, still lot of patients are unfamiliar with the procedure. For those who are frustrated over their missing teeth, this is by far the most recommended solution. However, patients with multiple missing teeth have more concerns regarding the procedure for they require several dental implant posts. Here's an overview on what to expect when you have several dental implant requirement.

How It Is Different?

Placement of multiple dental implant applies the same process as placing single implant. A gum tissue is incised so the titanium implant post can be inserted into the jawbone. However, in multiple dental implant, this process is repeated several times depending on the number and position of missing teeth. After all the posts are fixed in place, protective cap is applied over the setup to protect the site surrounding the implant posts. It also provides protection to the soft tissue so it will maintain its form until the implant completely merges with the jawbone and full dental restoration is achieved. After several months, the implant will effectively imitate and replace the lost tooth roots.

If you have multiple teeth that requires dental implant treatment, contact Oyster Point Dentistry. We will first assess your current dental condition and present you with treatment options. We will help you decide the best tooth replacement solution for your distinct concerns.