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New Year's Resolutions for Your Dental Health

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Oyster Point Dentistry in Newport News, VA

2019 is coming to a close. As we embark on a new year and ring in 2020, let's talk about our new year's resolution for the improvement of our dental health. It is something we often take for granted. We only pay attention with it when dental issues are worsened to the extent that it disrupts our daily activities because of tremendous pain. There are loads of ways to keep dental carries at bay and also prevent those costly dental treatments.

  • Brush Regularly - Brust at least twice a day. Set a reminder of your brushing schedule for first few weeks. After few weeks of practice, brushing twice a day will now become a habit.
  • Floss Daily - Flossing daily will ensure you teeth is cleaned thoroughly. It will further remove food debris that your toothbrush are unable to reach.
  • Choose Healthier Food Options - Avoid certain food and drink not only sugary ones. Drinks like coffee and wine can permanently stain your teeth and lose its lustrous white glow. Eat vegetables, nuts, fruits and other foods with antioxidants will help reduce inflammation and fight bacteria that can cause gum disease.
  • Quit Bad Habits - Smoking for instance will stain your teeth, cause gum defects and oral cancer. Those addicted to coffee will notice significant staining to their teeth eventually and if you like chewing your nails or lips you can develop oral sores while increasing risk of infection and damage to enamel.There's no better time to start quitting cigarettes and cutting back coffee in take than the beginning of new year.
  • Visit Your Dentist Regularly - If you have been putting off your dental appointments, change this habit and visit the clinic as scheduled. Prioritize your dental health and continue to make it a habit for the coming year.

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