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Preventative Dental Care Can Combat Heart Diseases

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 18, 2017
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Did you ever wonder why some drugs for hypertension are activated by putting them under your tongue to dissolve instead of swallowing with water? It's because your mouth and gums are made up of thin tissues which has an abundant blood supply. It can easily absorb the drug and delivers it directly to the bloodstream quickly taking effect to lower blood pressure. Bacteria thrives in your mouth and multiplies. These bacteria can penetrate your mouth lining and penetrate your blood stream, spreading infection to your entire body, particularly affecting the heart.

A simple cavity can be the bacteria's portal of entry to the blood stream. And since blood is moved through the heart; the bacteria can live there and proliferate, eventually causing infection and damage. Thus, preventative dental care shouldn't be taken for granted.

Maintaining oral hygiene wards off dental caries and prevents bacteria from accumulating in your mouth. Being mindful with your diet is another way to avoid cavities because sugar-rich foods also promotes bacteria growth. A regular visit to the dentist in Newport News, VA is advisable to keep your oral health in check.

If you are having issues with dental health or just want a check-up, don't hesitate to contact Oyster Point Dentistry, immediately. Early treatment of dental problems is advised to prevent further damage to your teeth to fend off more severe diseases.