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Sleep Apnea Tied to Increase Risk for Type II Diabetes

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 08, 2018
Oyster Point Dentistry Sleep Apnea Treatment in Newport News, VA

Snoring is a common condition and people are less concerned with it unless it becomes really disruptive to their partners. They only tend to seek sleep apnea treatment when complications such as Diabetes start to manifest.

Gasping for air during a sleep apnea episode tips off your sympathetic nervous system to set your body in fight-or-flight mode. This stimulates the release of stress hormones that can elevate the blood sugar levels. Moreover, due to repetitive disruptive sleep at night people become sleepy and less active during the day. Your system perceives that you require more energy and prompts your subconscious to overeat. The increase in glucose intake and slow metabolism related to less activity, increases your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Treating your sleep apnea problem can help you control your blood glucose levels. Dentists in Newport News, VA can address this problem effectively with custom fit dental devices. Contact Oyster Point Dentistry to learn more!