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Tips to Temporarily Relieve Dental Pain

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 05, 2019
Oyster Point Dentistry - Newport News, VA

Toothaches can produce excruciating pain sensations. Toothaches can produce all the way to pain level 10….the absolute worst. An inflamed dental pulp can affect the many nerves and blood vessels inside the teeth causing tremendous pain.

To permanently address the cause pain, you need to seek a professional dental treatment as soon as you can. But you can try these methods to relieve pain until you reach your Oyster Point dentist here in Newport News, VA.

  • Food particles that dislodge on tooth cavities can induce pain. Try rinsing your mouth with warm water to flush away food fragments. You may also use floss to remove debris trapped in the gap.
  • Apply ice pack on the affected side of the face.
  • Take pain relievers such as Ibuprofen or Mefenamic Acid every 6 hours as necessary.
  • You may also use a local anesthetic like Benzocaine. It's a topical pain reliever that is effective to numb dental pain temporarily.
  • Until your dental condition is completely resolved, avoid eating foods that are too hot and cold.

Toothaches are caused by an underlying dental problem. Only dentists can diagnose your condition and recommend effective treatment options. Remember though that prevention is the best policy. Proper oral hygiene as ultimate preventative care keeps cavities and toothaches away.

Contact Oyster Point Dentistry in Newport News, VA right away, if you are suffering from any dental pain or discomfort.