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Traditional Dental Braces and the Threat of Gum Disease

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 09, 2019
Oyster Point Dentistry - Newport News, VA

Are you wearing traditional braces or retainers? If not properly fit, you may experience gum bleeding and general discomfort. Gum disease is a common occurrence among dental brace users. We all possess a certain amount of plaque bacteria in their mouth. This needs to be removed through proper oral hygiene. Accumulation of plaque bacteria can attack damaged gums caused by poorly fitted braces and thus can lead to gum disease.

If you notice blood associated with regular brushing and flossing you need to inform your dentist so they can provide you with proper consult. Likewise, let your dentist know when you are uncomfortable wearing your dental braces or retainer. It might require some adjustments to fit correctly.

Although dental braces are corrective device to straighten your teeth evenly, they can make your gums vulnerable to gum problems. In some cases food debris can be trapped within and/or around them. This leads to the accumulation of plaque bacteria. Proper brushing, flossing, and regular professional teeth cleaning is the best preventative dental care to fend off oral bacteria build up and keep your gums and teeth healthy and strong.

Other alternative solution for traditional braces are invasalign braces. They are convenient to wear and cleaner as compared to traditional metal brackets. Contact Oyster Point Dentistry to find out what treatment option is right for you.