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What are the Signs of a Dying or Dead Tooth?

Joseph Coupal - Sunday, June 30, 2019
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When a tooth is no longer taking fresh blood supply it is referred to as a dead tooth. Generally, a dead or dying tooth appears discolored. Also, the patient may feel moderate to severe pain in the tooth and gums. Healthy teeth are white although its shade varies depending on a person's diet and oral hygiene. But a dying tooth's color looks different from the rest of the set, which can easily be spotted. They will come up as light brown, grey or even black. Over time, the affected tooth will turn even more darker as it further decays together with the nerve. Since the nerve is affected as well, pain is eminent to most patients. Pain and gum swelling may also be attributed to the inflammation stimulated by an infection. The breath of the patient may also smell bad due to the decay.

A person experiencing any of these symptoms, must seek the help of a dentist as soon as possible. Only your dentist can provide effective treatment options for your condition as they have the proper tools and right skills to inspect the status of your tooth thoroughly and perform the dental procedures necessary to protect your health.

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