3-D Digital Dental Imaging

To our knowledge we are the ONLY dental office throughout all of Hampton Roads that offer patients this decisive dental care advantage! We offer this expensive technology to you at no additional fee. We invest in you and this technology where other dental offices don’t because it significantly enhances dental surgery precision and empowers us to navigate around dental nerves when less equipped dental surgeons might drill painfully through dental nerves.

What are the specific advantages of 3-D imaging and why is it so important that we invest in this technology on your behalf


  • Less than 1% of American dental offices invest in 3-D imaging
  • Maps nerves that other dentists can't see which can (and do) lead to other dentists painfully drilling though nerves
  • Unmatched precision equals unmatched results
  • Complimentary service – it just one Oyster Point Dental advantage that sets us apart from all other Hampton Roads dental offices!
3-D Digital Dental Imaging