Why Invisible Dental Fillings Rule The Day

- Thursday, August 19, 2021
Oyster Point Dentistry - Invisible Dental Filling

In the not too distant past, dentists used various materials such as amalgam, silver, and even gold to fill cavities. Today's dental treatment utilize significantly safer, longer lasting, and more affordable dental filling materials. The newest dental fillings use composite resin which has a natural tooth color and therefore blends with the remaining teeth. This is the reason why these fillings are also called invisible dental fillings in Newport News, VA. They consist of tooth-colored glass and plastic mixtures that perfectly match the natural colors and texture of the existing or remaining teeth nearly identically. So along with repairing decay, dentists also use this kind of fillings for cosmetic purposes such as reshaping teeth or treating discolored teeth to match with the adjacent teeth.

The invisible dental fillings are covered under insurance plans and therefore offer little reason not to take advantage of this technology. The affected tooth will have an improved appearance and be able to withstand temperature fluctuations better than metal amalgams. The composite fillings also bond to the tooth and provide additional support to the remaining structure. Such bond also helps in preventing breakage while insulating the tooth from sensitivity of temperature fluctuations.

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