Tidewater's Premier Source For Sleep Sedation (Operating Room) Dentistry

What is Unique About "Sleep Sedation" Dentistry Services?

Oral Sedation Oyster Point Dentistry is the sole dental service provider in the Tidewater area of Virginia to offer "SleepGuardian" physician-assisted general anesthesia dental services.  All types of dental procedures can be completed under the supervision of a board certified medical doctor (anesthesiologist) right here in our Newport News dental office.   

Who Benefits From Total Sleep Sedation Oral Surgery Services?

Anyone with a paranoid fear of the dentist and who is putting their health at risk (and living in pain) is a candidate for total sleep dental treatment.  Such people are:

  • Those with long-term dental neglect who need extensive work and want it all done at once
  • Full denture candidates
  • Multiple dental implants
  • Those who have tried but are not satisfied with conscious sedation dentistry

About Us Teaming With Medical Doctors Here at Our Dental Office

We team with "SleepGuardian" board-certified medical doctors (anesthesiologists) right here in our Newport News dental office to treat patients under "general" or total sleep anesthesia. Click the link below to hear Dr. Teresa Robers, MD, describe the SleepGuardian process. The process empowers us to provide dental surgery services while you sleep.

Click here to learn more about the SleepGuardian medically assisted dental treatment process.

How does Total Sleep (SleepGuardian) Dentistry Differ from Conscious Sedation or IV Sedation Dentistry?

Total sedation (more commonly known as "general anesthesia) services may only be administered by a certified medical doctor (Anesthesiologist).  Traditional conscious sedation and dental IV sedation is often times not enough to satisfy those who truly fear the dentist.  Oyster Point Dentistry has teamed with board certified anesthesiologists to provide you with a safe and completely pain free dental care service

Is Sleep Sedation Oral Surgery Covered Under Insurance Policies?

You can check with your medical insurance provider to see if they will cover a portion of the sedation fee.  If it is covered, we can help you with filing your claim for reimbursement.