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TEETH WHITENING: A New Look and A New Smile

- Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Oyster Point Dentistry - Teeth Whitening, Newport News, VA

Increasingly people are turning to professional teeth whitening services as the safe, affordable, and most productive path to a new smile. A professional strength gel treatment is often necessary to safely brighten your smile. Contact your dentist and ask them about the risks and dangers of over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

With professional teeth whitening, you are assured that the results will be as strong and lasting and this treatment plan gives the strength of whitening gel in your teeth. It will provide you the fastest results possible. Gone are the days when you had to accept the effects of aging on the color of your teeth. With modern technology, you will have the chance to rejuvenate your smile and look years younger with professional teeth whitening gel treatment. It will give your teeth the whitest, most dazzling smile in just one visit to the new advanced leading-edge practice.

If you want a fresh look and a beautiful smile, with a professional gel whitening your teeth will be whiter, brighter, and will last for a long time. You will enjoy a more youthful, gorgeous smile without undergoing major cosmetic treatments. And your smile will be whiter as snow and more beautiful than ever before.

For more information regarding professional teeth whitening services, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

DENTAL BRIDGES: An Affordable Procedure for Lost Teeth

- Tuesday, January 05, 2021
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Bridges, Newport, News, VA

When you lose a tooth, there is much more at stake than aesthetic looks. You lose dental structure continuity when you lose a tooth and need to take corrective action. Dental bridges can be your perfect solution.

Many people who have missing teeth lack confidence because they cannot smile and they find it hard to be cheerful. With missing teeth, teeth which are out of control or teeth which are not in proper alignment, it is time to visit your dentist to resolve these problems. Your dental visit will surely give a reassuring sense of confidence that you have been missing.

Missing teeth creates a lot of problems. It will make you uncomfortable in chewing, makes it complicated, makes your teeth drift and makes it difficult to clean properly, etc. It affects overall the health of your mouth. It is through the dental bridge that the teeth adjacent to the gap are used as anchors. The bridge is made up of crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap and patients feel comfortable in the mouth. Dental bridges are hardly noticeable because they look and feel natural. Many patients claim that they feel the dental bridge as real and comfortable as their natural teeth did. Others claim that they even feel better than the natural teeth. Bridges do not need to be removed regularly like dentures for cleaning but it will be cleaned by brushing like the natural teeth.

Furthermore, once your dental bridge is installed, you will enjoy it as much as you do to your natural teeth. It is durable, easy to care for and perfectly matches your natural teeth. It does not need extra maintenance because it requires the same care as you would to your natural teeth. You will be able to perform the same functions as your natural teeth from chewing efficiently and reassures more confidence in your smile.

For more tips on Dental bridges, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Dental Health and Happiness Via Dental Implants

- Monday, December 28, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Dental health and happiness blooms with the stability and confidence delivered by dental implants. Many people are not given a perfect set of teeth because many experienced dental problems like fractures, cavities, gum diseases, etc. that give discomfort and overall dental health. For this reason, a lot of people resort to dental procedures that help improve or resolve their teeth condition.

Dental implants become crucial with those people who are experiencing distress and dysfunctional due to their decaying and missing teeth. It is a permanent solution that will give you the confidence and security to fully enjoy smiling and at ease with other people. Through dental implants, there is a magical solution to fill any gaps within your missing teeth. It works like natural teeth that enable the patient to perform naturally in biting, chewing or speaking with ease and comfort. The procedure is made with the roots of your teeth that is replaced with titanium that makes a durable anchor for your jawbone and lasts a lifetime. It is secured because it is deeply implanted into the sockets of your gums hence no side effects of friction.

Winning confidence with Dental implants is a sure guarantee because it reduces the risk of tooth and gum diseases. With filling the holes, it brings a strong chance to grow new teeth. Overall, dental implants provide the ultimate solution to tooth loss and increases the confidence level and happiness of the patient as it improves facial appearance and dental health.

For more tips on Dental implants, consult Oyster Point Dentistry.

Warm Holiday Greetings To You All

- Monday, December 21, 2020
Happy Holidays From Oyster Point Dentistry

Warm Holiday greetings to you all. We write this note to you with joyous confidence that 2021 will bring happier, healthy, and more profitable days to us all! That wish is certainly a cause for optimistic celebration this Holiday season.

Our Holiday gift to you is the gift of small business in your community. To be able to buy locally is a true gift to your neighborhood as well as to your family and friends. We hope that everyone reading this takes a measured effort to buy local to the fullest extent possible, not only during this Holiday season but going forward as well.

Buying local is one of the best gifts you can give to your neighbors and your community. Visit a local restaurant, salon, store, or shop for better relationships and better customer service; but more so you can shake the owner’s hand and wish them the best in 2021 and beyond. That will be a gift for you both. Help make this a joyous holiday for everyone: Give the gift of your business to a local business.

We wish you and your entire family happiness, health, and warmth this Holiday season. Our warmest regards to you all.

DENTAL VENEERS: Time to Shine with a New Perfect Smile

- Monday, December 14, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Do you want to glow differently when you are smiling? Dental Veneers will give you a million-dollar smile that will make you perfect with the right size, shape, and color of your teeth. What more will you ask for? No more gaps, white and shining teeth, and a total smile makeover. Fret not there will always be a solution no matter what your teeth look like. Much more your confidence level will be at the peak.

Generally, Dental veneer is made from porcelain or from resin composite materials. More people prefer porcelain veneers because it resists stains compared to resin veneers. It shows the lighter reflection of natural teeth. The color will be chosen to make your teeth appear whiter from the dark color. Hence, it will provide a natural tooth appearance. Dental veneers are custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials created to cover the front surface of the teeth to improve the appearance. It is bonded to the front of the teeth that changes the color, shape, size, or length of the original teeth. Your dentist will examine your teeth to make sure dental veneers are suited for you and discuss how the procedure will be done and some of its limits.

Dental porcelain veneers it is the quick answer for your teeth imperfections without having to go through the process of wearing long time braces and teeth whitening. It is the proper way of treating and taking care of oral health to achieve your perfect smile with oozing confidence to inspire and touch others' lives.

For more tips on Veneers, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

TEETH WHITENING: Power Your Life With Clear Smile

- Tuesday, December 08, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Teeth Whitening, Newport News, VA

It is a life-changing moment when you experience wearing a clear smile with beautiful white teeth. It enhances your confidence and restores your smile in the most minimally invasive way possible. Teeth whitening makes a lot of wonders as it closes spaces in your teeth, repair chipped edges and make the teeth appear more in line. It will power up your life with another exuberant smile and make yourself happy.

It is fortunate that Teeth whitening is one of the greatest innovations of the cosmetic dental world. It removes stains and discoloration to enhance and rejuvenate your face and smile. During treatment an in-practice whitening session combines the bleaching gel and an activator light to lift stains and enhance the shade of your teeth. The treatment process covers one hour and your teeth will be up to several shades whiter after one whitening session. This dental practice is monitored and assessed as such only the best products and the correct amounts are used during the treatment. There is some mild sensitivity being felt after your whitening session but this will disappear after a few days.

There is always a reason to smile such as making sure your smile gleams and brightens. With teeth whitening, it will complete your stunning smile and you will have a wow factor once you show your complete teeth. Everyone wants a clear and white smile this festive season. You will surely love the transformation that makes your teeth whiter.

For more tips on teeth whitening, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Thanksgiving Reflections from Our Team to Yours

- Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Thanksgiving Reflections from Our Team to Yours

We have all been challenged this year. But, never have we felt closer to our family, staff, customers, and vendors. For this we can give Thanks. The Covid-19 pandemic challenged our business as it did each and every business across our great nation. But, we would like to share with you the positives that came out of this experience.

Our families, our staff, our customers, and our vendors all remind us of the blessing it is to own and operate. The support that you have all provided, and continue to provide, during one of the most troubling and challenging times in American history is nothing short of humbling. That we in our own way returned some of that support to you has us arriving this Thanksgiving season with a deeper appreciation for our relationship with you. We move forward with an extraordinary focus to ensure that the quality of our service meets your needs, expectations, and earns your continued and highly valued trust. We do this with confidence that, together, we all will make it through the unique challenges that lay ahead.

In many ways we have more to be thankful for this year than ever before. This Thanksgiving season, we continue to reflect, recognize, give thanks, and be warmed by you all. As always, we invite you to contact us anytime with ideas, questions, and/or concerns. Thank you, and sincere "Happy Thanksgiving" wishes to you all!

Preventative Dental Care To Minimize Bad Breath While Wearing Face Mask

- Monday, November 16, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Preventative Dental Care Tips

Wearing a face mask is now mandatory when you head outside. It's a primary preventative measure against Covid-19. However, while it can prevent virus contraction, it can also dry your mouth making a conducive environment for bacterial growth.

Have you noticed that your breath smells unpleasant while wearing a face mask? This is due to the following reasons:

  • Increased dryness of the mouth
  • inadequate dental hygiene
  • Eating too much sweets
  • Eating garlic and other sulfides-rich foods

How To Prevent Bad Breath While Wearing Face Masks:

It's important to wear your face mask to protect yourself against the virus, but it's not necessary to endure bad breath until the pandemic is over. Here are some preventative dental tips to keep your breath fresh behind the mask:

Brush at least twice a day for two minutes and don't forget to floss to minimize oral bacterial growth.

  • Gargling mouthwash with methylpyridinium chloride or chlorhexidine-content can help kill the remaining bacteria that linger in the nooks and crannies of your mouth.
  • Drink water frequently to maintain the saliva flow which can also help wash off bacteria in the mouth.
  • Avoid breathing on your mouth when wearing your face mask. This increases mouth dryness.
  • Reduce your sugar-intake by limiting your sweets. Bacteria love to feed on sugar and this helps them propagate quickly.
  • Avoid eating smelly food for they can make your breath smell worse.
  • If you have cavities, this could also result in bad breath. See your dentist if you think you have tooth decay to help find a solution to address it.

If you have persistent bad breath, contact Oyster Point Dentistry. We can help you figure out a solution to your dental problem.

Get or Give the Gift of Polished White Teeth for The Holidays

- Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Teeth whitening

You’ve given dear friends a trip to the spa as a loving gift. Have you ever thought about professional teeth whitening as a new twist? OK, bear with us. The obvious question is how do you frame the communication of this gift. We’ll help you out here.

Well girls, we’ve all gone to the hair stylist together, right? Well, I’m taking my dear sister with me to our dentist for a joint teeth whitening procedure. I plan to frame the discussion as a way for us to spend time together as well as treating myself to this professional dental procedure that home teeth whitening treatments can come close to.

For those that you love, know that having pearly white teeth is not just for a cosmetic boost. This treatment delivers improved confidence and self-esteem. In-office teeth whitening just might be the best give you give all season. We get it, though, you’ll need some time to develop your communication strategy.

Regardless, at a minimum, treat yourself. Contact Oyster Point Dentistry to learn more about in-office teeth whitening options.

TEETH WHITENING: Treat Yourself To A New Smile

- Tuesday, November 03, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Teeth Whitening, Newport News, VA

Self-confidence and a beautiful smile go hand in hand with wearing a perfect outfit. Being beautifully confident is the art of a beautiful life that serves as your best accessories. It will give you the most attractive features that you will ever have. With remarkably teeth whitening, it will give you a long-lasting healthy and gorgeous smile.

With the recent technology, there are instant over-the-encounter teeth whitening products that are simply well advertised but in reality, does not offer the same level of whitening power provided by a professional-grade treatment. Customers normally leave frustrated reactions with the same stained teeth and insecure smile. The reality check proves that the only way to achieve long-lasting white results is to visit your professional dentist for teeth whitening treatment. It is the dentist that will examine your mouth and advise you whether whitening will be right for you. Instant bleaching of teeth is not effective on all types of discoloration. Instead, it is recommended to talk to a dentist than use an over-the-counter whitening product. It is assured that treatment given will be safe and effective that will provide you with a healthy and dazzling smile that lasts.

There are several tough stains of teeth caused by the food intake however with professional-grade teeth whitening treatment, the dentist will examine the cause of the discoloration and some serious cases have underlying issues that need to be treated first. In doing so, you will love the results and will show off your gorgeous smile eventually. What a treat!

For more tips on Teeth Whitening, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Total Sleep Dentistry for Those Most Fearful of Dental Treatment

- Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Sedation

Some (but not all dentists) are experts at dealing with patient anxiety. We take great pride in excelling in this regard. We are one of a very select few Newport News Virginia dentists who deliver in-office total sleep dental treatment services. We team with medical doctors within our very own dental office to deliver care to patients under general (total sleep) anesthesia.

Total sleep dental care is not to be confused with the more commonly available “sedation dentistry” where the patient receives sedative medication (usually prescribed in the form of a pill). We provide sedation dentistry services here in Newport News as well. This empowers you, the patient, to have the widest range of options to deal with your dental treatment anxieties or for those in need of radical dental surgery where total sleep might be the only logical alternative.

For patients experiencing mild-to-manageable dental anxiety, sedation dentistry is likely the best path. The sedation is combined with local anesthesia to induce relaxation and make the patient comfortable throughout the procedure. This results in giving a sense of peace and creates a deep state of relaxation closer to sleep. Some patients believe that they actually do drift off to sleep during this treatment but by definition, they never lose full consciousness.

Conversely, for those dental patients who panic when walking into the dentist’s office (much less getting into the treatment chair), a discussion with our team about the total sleep dental treatment option is highly advised.

For more tips on total sleep or sedation dental care, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Invisalign Clear Aligners: Comfortable Way To Straighten Teeth

- Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry Invisalign clear aligners in Newport News, VA

Invisalign Clear Aligners offer a comfortable way to straighten imperfect teeth. They are all but invisible so the wearer lives comfortably and confidently unlike the more visible teeth straightening options. They are made of plastic, not metal, therefor they are smooth against the teeth, lips, and gums and therefore put the patient in a much more comfortable wear condition.

With Invisalign, there's minimal disruption while eating, speaking, and during brushing teeth. Now you can attain your desired dental arch and aesthetically appealing smile without the need to endure the brackets and wires that may restrict your actions.

Invisalign is the clear choice for teeth straightening. To learn more about Invisalign clear aligners, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Dental Sedation Eliminates Anxiety Related To Dental Treatments

- Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Sedation

Some people are anxious about dental checkups, even just the thought of it. If you are months overdue for your bi-annual checkup, you may be more anxious about dental care than you realize. Fortunately, dental sedation techniques are here to provide a pain-free dental care experience to anxious patients.

Performing dental procedures can be a challenge when the patient is tense and uneasy. This is usually true to children patients. The dentist may not be able to properly perform the dental treatments because the patient is unable to cooperate. In order to prevent this scenario inside dental offices, is administered so patients can stay calm and feel safe while dental procedures are ongoing.

Dental sedation offers an effective way to convince patients not to keep themselves from seeking professional dental help when they have dental problems. These dental care solution improves the dental care experience of the patient so they will no longer feel afraid whenever they need to get a dental checkup and in-office treatments.

For more details about oral sedation, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

INVISIBLE FILLINGS: Keep Dental Work Your Little Secret

- Tuesday, October 06, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry Invisible Dental Filling in Newport News, VA

If you have the confidence in your smile, you smile more. Smile more, and you’ll be happier. If you are hiding that smile because there is something wrong with your teeth, it leaves a lasting impact on your self-confidence. When cavities emerge, invisible fillings will put that smile on your face.

Generally, most dentists use dental fillings to restore teeth damaged by tooth decay. Dental decay is unavoidable and it will cause a cavity or hole in your tooth that needs filling to stop any further damage to your teeth. Before the tooth is filled, the cavity is cleared completely, and the tooth is cleaned thoroughly. The dentist fills the opening with artificial material or a filling to protect the tooth's structure. The filling material called the composite is being inserted into the cavity. The composite is similar in consistency to putty which will be shaped very easily to fit the cavity. When the dentist is satisfied with the filling procedure, they apply a curing light onto the tooth and set the composite to make it firm. Once the filling is hard, the dentist will trim it to make sure it perfectly fits. With Invisible fillings, it will restore the appearance and utility of your tooth. It will give a natural look and recovery of your teeth including white fillings made from composite resins or porcelain. So natural looking that this restoration in your teeth achieves and compliments the natural teeth for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Invisible fillings are getting popular nowadays due to its enormous benefits in restoring the natural look of your teeth. It will create a natural-looking appearance in your mouth while also strengthening the structure of your tooth. With an invisible filling, you will enjoy being healthy and your functional filling will restore your teeth without affecting the artistic beauty of your smile. Nothing to hide anymore instead show it all. Smile!

For more tips on Invisible fillings, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

INVISALIGN: Give You More Ways To A Gorgeous Smile

- Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry Invisalign clear aligners in Newport News, VA

A gorgeous smile is a powerful weapon that will light up the room. Some people are blessed with a big, beautiful smile while others have a narrow smile and wish that it will make it bigger so they will enjoy a better facial balance, soft cheek contours, and an improved facial profile. The good news with Invisalign treatment will help you achieve that gorgeous and fantastic smile you have been longing for. Your amazing smile will convey a confident and friendly personality before they even say a word.

Misaligned and crooked teeth will certainly affect how you look but also how well you will clean your teeth. Your smile and teeth are a vital part of your overall look. It is through Invisalign that will make your life happier and confident with an effective solution to your problem in creating that perfect smile. This procedure has increasingly gained popularity and is considered as the safest and fastest way to have straight teeth. It is natural-looking aligners because it is transparent that will be fitted on your teeth. It will gradually change the position of your teeth a few times. If you have decided to restore your teeth and align it in the right place, it is worth investing in Invisalign treatment. Fortunately, with Invisalign teeth straightening, there are no restrictions. You will eat anything you want. Many patients prefer Invisalign because of its invisibility. Anyone who has the braces will never see the wires or brackets even when you smile they are crystal clear. With Invisalign, you will even have better dental health. Having straight teeth relates to healthy gums and teeth. In the end, Invisalign will give you more ways than one to have a gorgeous smile.

For more tips on Invisalign, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Foods That Can Help Maintain White Teeth

- Friday, September 25, 2020

We all know that there are foods that can stain our teeth like berries, curry, tea, and coffee. However, unknown to many that there also food that can help maintain the teeth white. If you have just undergone an in-office teeth whitening, including the following foods in your diet can help keep the effect of professional teeth whitening treatment longer than it should have. Strawberries - While other types of berries are the culprit of teeth staining, strawberries, on the other hand, contain "malic acid" that is an enzyme that can stimulate saliva production. Saliva naturally washes food debris and prevents cavities from forming.

  • Strawberries - While other types of berries are the culprit of teeth staining, strawberries, on the other hand, contain "malic acid" that is an enzyme that can stimulate saliva production. Saliva naturally washes food debris and prevents cavities from forming.
  • Apples, Celery, and Carrots - These foods also help increase saliva production. Since it is crunchy, they also work like a scrub that gently cleans the teeth. Also preventing bacteria-causing bad breath from lingering in the nooks and cranny of the teeth.
  • Oranges and Pineapples - These fruits will not merely help increase the production of saliva but they are also a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C can help strengthens the gums and other oral tissues.
  • Baking Soda - Baking soda is something you can just find in your kitchen that can naturally help whitens the teeth. Just mix a small amount of baking soda and water and occasionally use it as a substitute for your normal toothpaste in case you run out of it.

To learn more teeth-whitening tips, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Foods That Can Help Maintain White Teeth

- Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Strawberry help whitens teeth

We all know that there are foods that can stain our teeth like berries, curry, tea, and coffee. However, unknown to many that there also food that can help maintain the teeth white. If you have just undergone an in-office teeth whitening, including the following foods in your diet can help keep the effect of professional teeth whitening treatment longer than it should have. Strawberries - While other types of berries are the culprit of teeth staining, strawberries, on the other hand, contain "malic acid" that is an enzyme that can stimulate saliva production. Saliva naturally washes food debris and prevents cavities from forming.

  • Strawberries - While other types of berries are the culprit of teeth staining, strawberries, on the other hand, contain "malic acid" that is an enzyme that can stimulate saliva production. Saliva naturally washes food debris and prevents cavities from forming.
  • Apples, Celery, and Carrots - These foods also help increase saliva production. Since it is crunchy, they also work like a scrub that gently cleans the teeth. Also preventing bacteria-causing bad breath from lingering in the nooks and cranny of the teeth.
  • Oranges and Pineapples - These fruits will not merely help increase the production of saliva but they are also a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C can help strengthens the gums and other oral tissues.
  • Baking Soda - Baking soda is something you can just find in your kitchen that can naturally help whitens the teeth. Just mix a small amount of baking soda and water and occasionally use it as a substitute for your normal toothpaste in case you run out of it.

To learn more teeth-whitening tips, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Dental Crowns vs Bridges – What’s Best for You?

- Saturday, September 19, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Bridges, Newport, News, VA

Dental crowns and bridges are both functional and aesthetic dental restoration procedures. Crowns and bridges are used to restore damaged or missing teeth. We are all concerned about our appearance, and our appearance affects our self-esteem, crowns and bridges will make your smile healthy and beautiful again.

While appearance is important, there is more to fixing a missing tooth than just appearance. Just one missing tooth can cause your other teeth to move and become crooked which can affect your affect your ability to eat and speak. Dental crowns are used for aesthetics and to restore tooth function. When teeth have broken-down fillings, a dental crown can protect and preserve the remaining natural tooth. Crowns are placed over a tooth when fillings are not able to restore the tooth. Dental Bridges are perfect when there are missing teeth. Bridges may also provide a permanent, non-removable alternative to removable partial dentures.

We’re here to help you get back to safe, healthy, and confident dental health. For more information on dental bridges and crowns here in Newport News, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

The Link Between Gum Diseases and Stroke

- Thursday, September 10, 2020

Unknown to many, gum diseases can predispose one to stroke. Stroke is a deadly disease that takes place when there's a poor supply of oxygen to a part of the brain resulting in irreversible damage to tissues and brain cells. A person with poor oral health is at greater risk for developing gum diseases that could potentially trigger a stroke in the long run.

The major connection between gum diseases and stroke is inflammation. The infection due to the accumulation of bacteria can enter the bloodstream, resulting in inflammation. The inflammation can lead to blood clotting that could result in a stroke.

Although it is still uncertain whether inflammation from gum disease can lead to vascular inflammation associated with stroke and other heart diseases, studies are certain there is a connection. As a matter of fact, inflammation related to gum disease has also been connected to other conditions particularly diabetes, some cancers, and Alzheimer's disease.

Maintaining good oral care habits can prevent gum diseases and thus, can lower the risk for stroke. Regular dental check-ups should be part of your preventative dental care. Contact Oyster Point Dentistry, let us help you take care of your oral and overall health.

Uses of Dental Veneers and Its Magical Effect

Joseph Coupal - Sunday, August 23, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

There are many dental problems that drive smart patients toward Dental Veneers. Dental veneers are a permanent solution to deal with a variety of dental problems. They are easy to care for and will last a lifetime with proper care. They are stain resistant and protect vulnerable teeth that are susceptible to damage due to enamel loss, cavities, and other ailments. Veneers improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile and ultimately your confidence.

There are many cases of dental problems wherein porcelain veneers make a magical touch and change everything from your smile to the formation of your teeth. Like yellow teeth, Veneers solve this problem that makes your smile dull due to the stains from years of drinking coffee, smoking or eating acidic foods. In the case of slightly crooked or gapped teeth, dental veneers provide an attractive, permanent solution. They are placed over the surface of teeth in a way that covers the crooked teeth or fills in the gaps. Patients seek for the best solution for their crooked teeth or gapped teeth and other minor flawed teeth cases. And for the tooth’s enamel, once it is damaged it is gone for good. This is because it will leave your teeth susceptible to tooth decay. And porcelain Veneers will be used to protect your teeth from further enamel damage.

The good point of Dental veneers is that it offers a permanent, appealing cosmetic solution. Once done it functions like natural teeth and does not affect eating habits like other dental applications. It requires extra care and maintaining it in good condition is strongly advised to avoid chewing or biting on hard food or objects. While Veneers are considered to be a strong cosmetic fixture, it requires gentle treatment. Caring for your Veneers is very important that will give you that magical effect in yourself and your self-confidence.

For more information regarding dental veneers, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

DENTAL VENEERS: Totally Transform A Lot More Than Your Smile

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

A smile is worth a thousand words! Generally, patients want to have a smile of their dreams. A beautiful smile will boost your self-esteem and confidence. If you want flawless teeth and are wishing for a smile makeover, the Veneer procedure will help you. Dental veneers or porcelain veneers are thin porcelain pieces used to cover the front surface of the teeth. Thereby it improves the shape, position and color of the teeth. It is so natural looking that it resembles the natural tooth enamel and helps to recreate the natural shine of the teeth.

Veneers will totally change the way you smile and the whiteness of your teeth. The major benefit of veneers is it will transform a lot more than your smile. While many people choose for the veneer procedure for dental problems like worn enamel, uneven tooth alignment, the gap between the teeth, chipped or broken teeth, etc., others use it to change the way they smile or to get the shine of pure white teeth. The less invasive procedure of veneers over other dental treatments makes it a practical option for everyone. Since dental veneers are designed to cover the front the surface of teeth to improve your appearance, these shells are bonded to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length.

The dentist normally suggests the right treatment for your dental issues, but the patient plays an equally important role. It is important for the dentist to understand how you want your teeth to be and to examine your teeth properly. To ensure that the veneers suit your expectation, the dentist places the temporary veneers on your teeth to know about any changes before going through the final process. You will share your preferences and the type of veneer that needs to be prepared. It all depends on the result you are trying to attain to recreate your smile the way you want it to be.

For more tips on Veneers, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

How to Prevent Cavities in Kids

Joseph Coupal - Sunday, August 09, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Preventative Dental Care in Newport News, VA

We know kids are picky eaters and they always opt for sweet treats and sugary drinks. But as a parent, we need to establish healthy eating habits at an early age. To prevent cavities and tooth decay, we need to keep a close eye on their eating habits.

  • Let them drink water between meals - As much as possible, avoid giving juice or even milk between meals because these drinks contain a lot of sugar. We know sugary and acidic food and drink causes cavities.
  • You may give them milk or sweet beverages at mealtime - This is the only time you can give in to their sugary drink cravings because the solid food that they are taking in can help flush away those extra sugar that these drinks contain. Fruit juices have lots of sugar content so give no more than 4 ounces of juice per day.
  • Stop mindless snacking - Train your kids to limit their snacking. They should only have breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Also, train them to brush their teeth three times a day every after a full meal and drink lots of water every after eating.
  • Give treats in moderation, not deprivation - You don't have to deprive your kid's sweet tooth cravings. There are a lot of treats that are less harmful to their oral health. Pure chocolates are the best option for they easily melt away from the teeth. Avoid sugar candies that are hard for it can potentially break their teeth or those sticky ones that allow sugar to stick around longer around the mouth.

For more dental preventative care tips, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Why You Must See A Dentist Immediately After Sustaining A Chipped Tooth

Joseph Coupal - Monday, July 27, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry

A minor accident might have caused you a little chip on a tooth. You probably take it as something trivial and something that does not require immediate attention. Smaller chips are mostly not an immediate dental health issue except when they are sharp and they can potentially cut your gums. However, there are cases when the chip can result in more severe issues like pain, swollen glands, infected roots, bad breath and hot/cold sensitivity.

  • The sharp edges of the chipped teeth can cut your gums and tongue
  • Deep chips can affect the root of your teeth and it can be infected and inflamed.
  • It can also cause decay which can lead to sensitivity and bad breath
  • Minor chips can get bigger over time and can lead to more problems that may necessitate extractions or root canals

It is always advisable to see a dentist when you sustain a chipped tooth. Typically, small chips do not require major repairs. But a dentist will recommend to file it or fill it with a dermal bond to smoothen the sharp edges. However, major cracks may need more extensive treatment. The pulp can be damaged in some major chips. Since the dental pulp consists of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue the pain can be excruciating. It is also prone to infection and thus, requires a major dental procedure.

For more information about chipped tooth repairs, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

When To See Your Dentist?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry

A regular dental checkup is usually done every six months. However, there are circumstances wherein you may need to see your dentist between the regular checkups. The following are instances that require immediate dentist appointment:

1. You experiencing pain or sensitivity

Pain and discomfort usually coerced patients to seek immediate professional dental attention. Dental pain is sometimes unbearable and can cause disruption to daily activities. When the pain and discomfort affect your ability to eat, talk, and sleep, these signs of disability prompt the necessity to see the dentist as soon as possible.

2. A dental appliance isn't properly fitting anymore

Whether you have braces, dentures, bridges, or any appliance that no longer fits, your dentist needs to make adjustments right away in order to ease any discomfort and so as not to defeat the purpose of the dental appliance.

3. Bleeding when brushing or flossing

Normally, gums bleed a little especially when you floss. However, the bleeding shouldn't go beyond a few weeks. If you still notice bleeding every time you brush, this may indicate a periodontal problem. It needs to be treated early to prevent more severe issues like gum disease.

4. If you haven’t checked with your dentist for over 6 months

Many tend to delay or take for granted their dental appointments. Sometimes they endure minor dental pain or discomfort, thinking it can wait until the next appointment schedule. Without realizing the problem is exacerbating, the pain and discomfort become more agonizing than before.

If in case you are suffering from dental pain or discomfort or you have noticed some unusualities to your dental health, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with your dentist. We want to help as our primary goal is to promote the best oral health to all our patients. Contact Oyster Point Dentistry today!

SEDATION DENTISTRY: Overcome That Dental Fears For A Beautiful Smile

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Sedation Dentistry and Total Sleep Sedation, Newport News, VA

Dental professionals are normally trained to assist patients with dental anxiety. If you deal with dental fears, you are not alone. Many patients avoid their dentist as much as possible because of the anxiety that comes along with every visit. It is either their past experiences or common worries like the fear of pain that makes many patients uncomfortable in the dental chair. But cheer up you will get the smile you have always wanted while feeling comfortable and completely relaxed. This is possible through Sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is very safe. You will not feel any pain with this procedure. Dentists use a combination of sedation and anesthesia to keep the patient relaxed and pain-free throughout the procedure. It is intravenous sedation that is administered directly into the bloodstream by an anesthesiologist. As such the patient will experience a calming effect, drowsiness and tingling sensations. Many patients normally leave the appointment with little to no memory of their treatment and feel good afterward. Regardless of which type of sedation you receive, you will be using a local anesthetic, a numbing medication at the time where the dentist is working in the mouth in order to relieve pain if the procedure causes any discomfort.

Sedation will be used for all dental cases from invasive procedures to a simple tooth cleaning. It depends on the severity of the fear. Sedation dentistry uses some medication to help patients relax and feel calm during dental procedures. After about 45 minutes the patient recovers completely from general anesthesia. It is a case to case basis depending on the medications given during or after surgery. As a result, the patient will be wearing that confident and beautiful smile which is worth a thousand words.

For more tips on sedation dentistry, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

You Need Adequate Calcium Intake For Strong and Healthy Teeth

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 07, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry Invisalign clear aligners in Newport News, VA

Calcium is an essential nutrient in keeping bones and teeth healthy and strong. It is also an important mineral for many critical body processes such as nerve, muscle, and heart functions. Calcium deficiency will make bones and teeth brittle easily, making them more susceptible to decays and injuries. Fortunately, it is easy to prevent calcium deficiency as there is a bunch of food and drinks that are abundant with calcium.

Best Source of Calcium

Milk and Other Dairy Products - Milk, cheese, and yogurt are rich in calcium. They are the easiest products you can find in the grocery that contains lots of calcium. Here's an estimate of their calcium content:

  • Milk: 210mg to 660mg per 1 cup (depending on the kind of milk, evaporated milk has the highest)
  • Cheese: 220 to 335mg per serving (depending on the kind)
  • Yogurt: 275450mg per 8oz.

Fish - whether you like fresh or canned sardines, they are both good sources of calcium. A 3oz of canned sardines contain about 325mg of calcium.

Leafy Vegetables - Salads and other leafy greens are good sources of various vitamins and minerals that include calcium. The following are those with the highest content:

  • Spinach: 245mg per cup
  • Kale: 172mg per cup
  • Mustard greens: 165mg per cup

Nuts & Seeds - These healthy snacks are also good sources of calcium. Almonds are among the highest in calcium content — about 75mg per 1oz.

Tofu - if you are a vegetarian, tofu is the best option for firm tofu contains 832mg of calcium per cup.

Taking adequate daily dietary intake of calcium can benefit the health and condition of your teeth, bones, and aids the important body processes. To learn more preventative dental tips, contact OysterPoint Dentistry.

INVISALIGN: Get That Alluring Smile You Always Wanted

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry Invisalign clear aligners in Newport News, VA

There are advanced techniques with Invisalign® that drive this state of the art dental technology as America’s first choice. Invisalign is so comfortable and invisible that it will give you the time of your life to enjoy wherever it takes you. Once your straight teeth are staring right back at you in the mirror just for a few months after beginning the treatment, you will become a believer of Invisalign. There are new ways discovered to increase the speed and reliability of Invisalign for full satisfaction of patients.

Straightening your teeth is easier and faster than ever before. The potential of Invisalign is constantly surprising a lot of patients with how quickly they are getting their teeth straight. Invisalign is less noticeable than wire and bracket braces. The aligners are made from clear plastic and with proper cleaning, it will be very difficult for someone to detect that you are wearing anything at all on your teeth. The recent new methods discovered study the actual tooth movements which Invisalign is extraordinarily good at. A crooked tooth influences the shape of the face while a buck tooth will force your upper lip to protrude. But the recent design incorporates the maximum number of these particular movements and unlock the immense potential of Invisalign to achieve astonishing fast results for the patients.

With recent Invisalign® procedures, it has truly changed the face of orthodontic care. People make it easier to get their teeth straightened and enhance their face shape and appearance. Those enamel colored edges that stick to the teeth like braces brackets are invisible but with the aligners in it looks like you have clear braces. This thorough method of efficient Invisalign treatment is achieved and many people are enjoying their smile with clear sparkling white teeth.

For more tips on Invisalign, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Three Reasons to Strongly Consider Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Dental implants are one of the single most effective treatment options for missing teeth for several reasons that we’ll cover here today:

  1. Your Body Systematically Accepts the Artificial Tooth as a Natural Body Component

    When a tooth is removed, the adjacent bone tends to collapse and decay after a while. Oral implants are the closest thing that can perfectly resemble and replace real teeth. A dental implant is permanently set within your jaw’s bone structure. The bone structure actually grows around and incorporates the implant as a new part of the jaw’s structure.

  2. They Do Not Decay

    Since implants are made of sturdy titanium while the crown is screwed into the implant and is composed of metal and/or ceramic, they are unlikely to decay. They are not susceptible to corrosion and they are tough against bacteria and acids in the mouth. However, it is still necessary to take care of them like the way we take care of our natural teeth. This is because they are prone to gum diseases and bone loss around the implant can take place when it is not thoroughly cleaned.

  3. They Work Well With Other Traditional Treatments

    Traditional dentures can get loose eventually. This because the gums and bones that support it resorb over the years.

Implants can help prevent resorption of the bones at the sites to support the denture. Sometimes, implants serve as an anchor to keep the denture in place and improve stability.

If you think this dental treatment is right for you, contact Oyster Point Dentistry. We can provide you more elaborate information about dental implants and we will verify whether the above-mentioned procedure is the best option for your dental condition.

DENTAL VENEERS: Creates A Beautiful And Lasting Impression

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

A perfect smile is timeless. It never fades. A smile is something you will be proud to show to the world and confidently show off your pearly white teeth. The smile that you wear reflects your emotions, self-confidence and your passion. Pearly white and perfectly aligned teeth are a reality for you no matter what you might think. One potential solution for you to consider are Dental Veneers.

In the dental world, veneers are thin like shell coatings made from resins or dental porcelains that are applied to the surfaces of front teeth. This is done for aesthetic reasons to make it more beautiful, shapely and functions properly. Before it is bonded to your teeth, veneers are normally fabricated in the dental laboratory. The dentist normally performs detailed clinical examination especially the teeth which will get veneers. This will ensure that the teeth are healthy and free of cavities. And in the case of chipped and stained teeth, veneers are extremely useful. There is a tooth whitening procedure for discolorations that with the help of veneers it is hidden and will restore your teeth that have developed with stains. Teeth veneers will also restore the shape and the structure of broken, crooked and fractured teeth.

In any ideal smile, all your front teeth are visible. In case of gaps between your adjacent teeth, with the help of veneers it will restore the gap. As such, porcelain veneers provide big help in attaining an ideal smile. Everyone aspires for a beautiful and shapely smile with whiter than white teeth and no oral health problems. You do not have to live with your stained and misaligned teeth because with dental veneers you will transform your smile and get a brand new, lovely and gorgeous smile.

For more tips on Veneers, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

DENTAL BRIDGES: Natural Looking Lost Tooth Treatment

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 09, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Bridges, Newport, News, VA

Having beautiful and naturally looking teeth is very important. It will help you maintain your natural smile, continue eating the foods you love and limit the need for ongoing dental work. With proper care like regular brushing and flossing along with regular check-ups from your dentist will help keep your teeth for a lifetime. Sometimes your teeth will have infection or other problems as such you will need additional care. It is in this situation wherein you will always consider treatments to save your teeth like a Dental Bridge that will not only save your teeth but will make it look natural. Of course nothing looks, feels or functions like a natural tooth.

Dental Crown bridges are strong and reliable and mostly it will make you feel and look very much like natural teeth. It helps control shifting and moving of your adjoining teeth. It is so lightweight that it provides excellent chewing comfort. The crowns placed in your teeth will fit like a glove onto your anchor teeth because once your final bridge is cemented into place it will be with you for a long time. The end results will produce an exact model which will be used in the fabrication of your bridge as compared to the digital scan of your mouth before making your dental bridge. It is important that you maintain a high level of oral hygiene and home care in order to maintain the stability of your bridge.

With so many advanced technologies and procedures, it will give you many treatment options to save your natural teeth. It is important to understand your choices and how you will impact both your tooth and your future dental health. It is necessary to act immediately whenever you experience problems in your teeth like swelling, pain or other cases. The missing teeth will cause other teeth to shift, affect your ability to properly chew and worst of all ruin your smile. Furthermore, it enhances your natural speaking and eating ability and helps maintain the shape of your face.

For more tips on dental bridges, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

How to Make Brushing Routine for Kids

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 28, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Preventative Dental Care

All parents of young children know the struggle related to their kid’s routine dental hygiene. Brushing teeth comes either too early (or too late) for some parents to deal with it. We get that…we’ve been there too. But twice a day brushing is just as critical to kids as it is for adults.

The following tips can help kids develop a habit of brushing teeth twice daily:

  • Make toothbrushing a bonding time - Toothbrushing together will make the experience fun and exciting every time. Make it a routine in the morning and at nighttime so every day they will look forward to brushing with you.
  • Offer rewards - This works every time when training kids with any tasks and that includes toothbrushing. The reward will encourage them to perform the proper toothbrushing technique and doing it routinely.
  • Set a two-minute timer - This will challenge your kid to brush their teeth for the whole 2 minutes continuously.
  • Use dental hygiene products that are made specially for kids. Providing them with kiddy toothbrush that has fun designs or with their favorite cartoon characters on it plus a fruity mouthwash will see brushing as an enjoyable daily activity.

For more dental tips for kids, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Oyster Point Dentistry's Covid-19 Update

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry

Although there is still no evidence which suggests that maintaining good oral hygiene can prevent Covid-19 from infecting our body, it's affirmative that keeping our oral health at its optimal state can minimize cavities and periodontal diseases which are potential threats to general health. When you have good oral hygiene, you will less likely need to visit your dentist frequently or get invasive dental procedures at these difficult times.

While the CDC provided some recommendations on how to prevent contracting the disease and does not specifically involve maintaining dental hygiene as a protective measure, it is a no-brainer that keeping your family's dental health in good condition can benefit your overall health. It is observed that those patients with severe cases of COVID-19 have pre-existing diseases. They deteriorate more as their immune systems are already compromised. Thus, the CDC stresses that as we continue to practice social distancing despite the extensive community quarantine has been lifted, let stay healthy to prevent the disease from attacking our system and as a way to prevent it from spreading further.

At this time we have resumed our normal hours and services.

We want to lend our sympathy to those affected by COVID-19 Coronavirus. Our office has and always will strive to keep our patients and staff healthy. We want to assure you that we are taking extra precautions to protect the health and safety of our patients and staff.

All of our staff members are being screened for increased body temperatures daily.

We will also be screening every patient for fever/increased temperatures.

When to reschedule:

In an effort to remain open during normal hours, and to keep our staff healthy and do our part in helping to stall the spread of COVID-19, we kindly ask any patients who are currently experiencing the following symptoms to call and reschedule their appointments with NO PENALTY.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Chills
  • Has been exposed to the flu, cold, or COVID-19
  • Have traveled outside of the United States within the last 2 months.


If you are experiencing any of the above-listed symptoms, and need emergency dental care, please visit your local ER as they are better equipped to serve you while also helping to contain the COVID-19 virus.


We are closely monitoring updates from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to ensure we’re prepared and taking necessary precautions to address this evolving situation as the health and safety of our patients and our staff is our top priority.

Contact Oyster Point Dentistry for more information.

Preventative Dental Care: The Power Care That Starts From You

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - dentist in Newport News, VA

Practicing dental care is very important as it maintains a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. Proper dental care will inevitably help your appearance and quality of life. Giving importance to preventive dental care can prevent future dental problems, higher dental expenses, and potential medical complications. Gum disease, cavities, and crooked or missing teeth can affect speech, make chewing food difficult, and will ultimately lead to expensive corrective procedures. Your dental health professional can help explain to you proper dental care at home. If you missed your regularly scheduled appointment or were unable to scheudle a dental appointment due to stay at home orders, do so now. Missing your regular check up can be more costly and painful in the long-run.

With modern dental technology, treating tooth decay especially in the early stage is often only mildly uncomfortable. Medications that numb the area of the decay eliminate the pain of filling a cavity for most people. Cavities are painful places on your teeth where decay has eaten through the enamel and exposed a tooth's root. Hot or cold food or liquids will send a painful signal that something is wrong. Cavities often have no symptoms until they gone too far. This is one reason why regular visits and regular dental xrays are so important. Early preventive dental measures are important for your teeth and for saving you from the more expensive cost of treatment. Early signs of tooth decay are easier to treat than advanced cases.

Gum disease is another health issue which is mild in the initial stage but can lead to more severe problems if untreated. Gum disease will cause loss of teeth, infections and other complications. Additionally, studies claim that gum disease can often lead to heart complications, strokes and other respiratory issues. Good dental health care is necessary and essential. A combination of proper daily maintenance along with regular visits to your dentist will ease the burden of pain and cost. Your utmost power care of yourself is taking care of your mouth, teeth and gums throughout the course of your life.

For more tips on preventive dental care, or to schedule or reschedule your regular dental appointment, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers: A Fast and Lasting Smile Restoration Solution

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 07, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Cosmetic dentistry veneers address common dental aesthetic issues such as discoloration, misalignment, chipped, or irregularly-shaped teeth. Getting a dental veneer treatment can dramatically improve your smile as it can precisely restore the look of your teeth. Find out why they are worth the cost.

1. Instantly restore the whiteness of your Teeth

Porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates are paper-thin shells that are custom-molded in order to cover the surface of discolored or defective teeth. While professional teeth whitening is fast and effective as well, some patients opt for veneers because they are more resistant to stain than the natural teeth. Thus, they can maintain the whiteness of their teeth for a long time without spending much on teeth whitening treatments yearly. In addition, veneers protect the delicate tooth enamel from stains.

2. Lets you customize your smile

Since dental veneers are custom-made, the patient can choose the color and form of the veneer that best matches their natural teeth. Depending on their budget, they can request a complete set or just a few veneers to correct only those poorly defective teeth.

3. It can mend the shape, size, and staining of teeth

Whether your teeth look unattractive due to stain and form defects, your dentist in Newport News, VA can swiftly correct these issues so you can have a better smile.

4. It can bridge the gaps between teeth

Cosmetic porcelain veneers can close the gap between these teeth by filling it.

5. It can last for several years

Like I mentioned above, dental veneers are can last for more than 14 years. Although they are a bit pricey than other treatment options they present a wiser investment. Besides, your dentist will offer you different payment options to make the treatment more affordable for you.

Contact Oyster Point Dentistry to learn more about cosmetic dental veneers.

Dental Implants Are Ideal For All Ages

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Dental implants serve as an artificial tooth root embedded into the jaw as a replacement for missing teeth. Many prefer this solution than dentures since they work like natural teeth. They maintain the form of the jaw by preventing the gum to recede which usually happens when there is bone loss.

Dental implants are options for almost all dental patients. Older adults choose this tooth-replacement process so they can improve their dental health, appearance, and quality of life. As a matter of fact, many older patients who went through the procedure are observed to have a good healing process. With advancing dental technology, those who weren't qualified for dental implants before can now get dental implants with bone grafting advances.

A lot of people prefer dental implants than dentures because the latter are rather uncomfortable to wear. Many encounter difficulties while eating and talking with dentures but since it’s the only teeth-replacement solution available in the past, people tend to endure using them. However, when dental offices start to offer them to patients with missing tooth problems, many switched to dental implants. Dental implants can help restore dental health and its function. While dental implants cost considerably higher than dentures, the beauty and comfort you experience from a dental implant are very much worth the cost.

If you think a dental implant is a right treatment for you but the cost is a concern, speak with your dentist and they can arrange dental packages or accept dental insurances for you to reduce the cost. If you are interested in getting a dental implant in Newport News, VA, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Can Halitosis Be Cured

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 21, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Halitosis Treatment, Newport, News, VA

Suffering from chronic bad breath? Having a chronic bad breath is something to take seriously. It not only lowers self-esteem but it often signals a more serious oral condition exists. About 50% of the U.S. population, mostly middle-aged to elderly, suffer the condition.

Halitosis typically starts in the mouth over an untreated periodontal disease and from proteins stuck on the tongue. Oral bacteria process these proteins and the by-products are sulfur compounds that cause oral odor. However, halitosis could also imply more serious systemic disease. Thus, it's imperative to seek dental treatment as soon as possible. The good news is your dentist can help you address the problem before more severe conditions will take place.

Your dental professional will first figure out the cause of your halitosis. They will need to assess you holistically in order to provide the right treatment for your condition. If you are looking for a trusted dental practice in Newport News, VA, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Manual Toothbrush Vs. Electric Toothbrush

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Preventative Dental Care in Newport News, VA

Toothbrushes play a critical role in our daily health care routine. It is important to establish and maintain effective daily oral care. Toothbrushes now come in two forms - the traditional manual toothbrushes and the electric toothbrushes. If you are wondering which type is best to use, lets discuss the pros and cons of both.

Pros of the Electric Toothbrush
  • Convenient to use.
  • Renders thorough tooth cleaning with minimal work
  • It is equipped with a timer function to make sure you follow the 2-minute brushing rule.
  • Fun to use, even kids have fun using them.

Cons of the Electric Toothbrush
  • Battery needs to be charged or replaced.
  • More expensive than a manual toothbrush.
  • They are bulky.
  • They are fragile so they are at risk during travel.

Pros of the Manual Toothbrush

  • Following a proper brushing technique it can definitely clean your teeth thoroughly.
  • Various options for style, color and bristle type.
  • No need to charge or use batteries.
  • Easy to bring when you travel.
  • Affordable

Cons of the Manual Toothbrush

  • It requires user to manually work on brushing the teeth.
  • If brushing technique is not properly performed, the cleaning can be ineffective.
  • Since it has no timer, you need to manually time your brushing.

Ultimately it does not matter which style of toothbrush to use. What matters is how you use it. Make sure to follow the proper brushing technique and the 2-minute brushing rule. Then, brush at least twice a day to ensure overall oral hygiene. Decide what toothbrush you want to use based on the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages of each type.

For more oral care tips, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Proper Brushing Recommendations For Kids

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 07, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Preventative Dental Care in Newport News, VA

Parents of children here at Oyster Point Dentistry in Newport News often wonder when to switch their child's fluoride-free toothpaste to regular toothpaste for adults. It actually depends on the ability of the child to spit out all the toothpaste and when they stop swallowing.

Although there isn't a particular age or strict deadline set to change, a lot of children become ready as they reach age six. You may talk about this concern to your pediatric dentist for specific recommendations for your child. They may able to provide tips to ensure your kid starts a good oral health habit.

Brushing without using toothpaste is practically fine from age one or when the first tooth emerges, this will help prevent baby bottle tooth decay. Pediatric dentists usually advise parents to not let their child sleep with a bottle, and as much as possible parents should minimize using pacifiers or bottles.

When the child reaches 2-5 years old, he or she can start using a small amount of fluoride-free toothpaste. As a parent, it is important to guide them during brushing and teach them the proper technique. Also, remind them to spit out the product. Early training can contribute a lot in preventing cavities at tender age. Have them brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day.

Furthermore, bring them to their dentist regularly at least twice a year to monitor the development of their teeth and overall oral health.

For more preventative dental care tips, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

The Not so Well-Known Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Preventative Dental Care

Maintaining good oral hygiene offers countless health benefits, some of which are not as widely understood as one would think. It’s much more than white teeth and fresh breath. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly will helps prevent gum disease, a condition that is linked to more serious diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Apart from that, the following are other great benefits of having a good oral hygiene:

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Minimizes tooth sensitivity
  • Prevents cavities, and the need for fillings
  • Preventative dental care is less costly than urgent treatments
  • Preserves natural teeth and lessens the likelihood of needing crowns or dentures
  • Constantly having fresher breath
  • Prevents the need for root canals and oral surgery
  • Excellent gum health
  • Lowers the risk of developing serious diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart disease
  • Healthier pregnancy
  • In general, it promotes healthier mouth and body!

How To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Floss once a day
  • Drink water in between meals
  • Regular visit to your dentist

For more dental health tips, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Oral/Dental Health Care During These COVID Trying Times

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry in Newport News, VA

1. Oral Hygiene for COVID-19 Patients

Patients with a confirmed case of COVID-19 is compelled to keep the rest of the family members safe as much as possible through being informed about the risk of contamination of objects and areas the patient is using. The primary mode of transmission of the virus is through aerosol or droplets, thus, contagious through direct surface contact when it lingers on surfaces.

Bacteria, saliva, and blood can potentially buildup on toothbrushes. Since droplets with the virus are present in saliva, it's very important to separate a patient's toothbrush to prevent the spread of the virus to other dental brushes around. Sharing of a toothbrush is sternly discouraged, and separate toothpaste must be used. When you recovered from the disease, properly dispose of your toothbrush because it may carry the virus.

2. Self-isolation Oral Care Routine

Do usual brushing and flossing of teeth on daily basis. Brush your teeth gently at least twice a day. Brush gently towards the gum line in a circular motion. You may use an electric brush to maximize your brushing technique. It is best to use toothpaste with chloride. Scrape off excess food debris, plaque and bacteria in the tongue using a tongue cleaner. Lastly, rinse with a mouthwash for 30 seconds. Alcohol-based products can destroy the protective layer of the virus and eventually, deteriorates.

Keep in mind the bi-annual dental checkup and professional cleaning. In case your appointment has been re-scheduled due to social distancing order, make sure to prioritize it.

3. Diet and Lifestyle

Perhaps most people are spending all day on their couch watching Netflix and binging with snacks. Don't fall into this trap! Avoid consuming soft drinks, juices and drink coffee or tea at minimum. opt for healthy food options particularly a meal that is rich in calcium. Finally, quit smoking if possible.

4. Keep Hydrated

It is important to keep hydrated. It is best not only for your oral health but general health as well.

If you have an infection, you are susceptible of losing fluids and getting dehydrated. Apart from that, your saliva production will be reduced making your teeth prone to cavities and gingivitis. Saliva is an essential element that keeps oral bacteria under control.

For more preventative dental care, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Oyster Point Dentistry on COVID-19 Infection Control Procedures

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry

Different health care setting is enforcing strict infection control procedures in response to CDC mandates on the control of COVID-19 spread. CDC has released infection control recommendations for dental offices and clinics. Oyster Point Dentistry follows these protocols promptly as our client's health and safety is a primary concern.

We make sure all surfaces inside the clinic such as front desks, countertops, dental chairs, and tables including doorknobs and drawer handles are properly cleaned and disinfected. Rarely used equipment is covered with a protective sheet while devices that are directly used to patients are replaced after each session.

Moreover, non-disposable items including dental apparatuses are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized prior to every use. While disposable items, amongst others needles, are never reused. Further, we stringently imposed on our staff to wear appropriate protective equipment such as masks, gloves, eye protectors and gowns and to change frequently right after each patient. All members of the treatment team must wash their hands and wear a new pair of gloves prior to seeing the next client.

Our patient's well-being comes first. In order to lower the risk of contracting the virus, these preventative measures are in place at our dental office accordingly. Contact Oyster Point Dentistry for clinic updates and appointments.

Tips in Finding The Right Dentist For You

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry

Finding the right dentist need not be tough. Here at Oyster Point Dentistry, for decades now we’ve provided comprehensive dental care service to the fine people of Newport News, Hampton, and in fact the entire Hampton Roads area. We’re always here to help, like in today’s blog post where we suggest a few things that will help you find the right dentist. By the way, we check all the boxes below!

1. Check for reviews

A lot of doctors employ verified review services so patients can get an accurate idea regarding the level of care they render. Review is a perfect means to learn more about your prospect provider. This provide a venue for display of ratings and reviews from actual clients.

2. Take into account the location and convenience/

Opt for nearby dentist either from your home or workplace and as much as possible choose a multi-specialty dental practice. This can save you time when going to your appointments.

3. Check if the clinic is in-network

Have a quick browse on their website or call their customer service if the prospect provider is part of a health plan's network of providers.

4. Verify their certifications and specialties

Have a quick background check of their education and their trainings. If you have an idea about your dentist and what they can deliver, there's a greater likelihood that you will get a satisfying experience under their care. When you have a background of your provider prior to going into the clinic is an excellent way to set your mind at ease.

5. Ask for referrals from family, friends and co-workers

The positive experience of others from their providers will help us feel more at ease and confident about their practice.

Finding the right dentist can be a bit of hassle. If you are looking for a competitive and certified dental practice in Newport News, VA which offers multiple specialty, contact Oyster Point Dentistry. Our team are happy to serve you.

How Dental Filling Are Accomplished

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 28, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry Invisible Dental Filling in Newport News, VA

Children are susceptible to get cavities. They always have been and always will be. But cavities are more than minor health problems. Cavities and tooth decays are one of the primary reasons why kids miss school. They can cause infection and be severely painful. So when a cavity presents, what will your dentist do for you?

Your dentist will first put your child at ease via comforting reassurance. This need not be the haunting experience most children assume a trip to the dentist will be. Your dentist will assess the severity of the cavity. From there, you are presented with different treatment options. In most cases, dental fillings are recommended especially when the cavity is early detected.

Dental Fillings Procedure

The treatment starts by administering a local anesthesia to numb the surrounding area of the tooth and reduce the sensation of pain. The affected tooth is then isolated in order to avoid contamination while keeping it dry by using a dental guard. Then, the decayed portion of the tooth will be removed. The instruments usually used in dental filling include laser, drill or an air abrasion device.

When the decay has been eliminated, the tooth is cleaned to ensure bacteria and debris is removed and won't cause issues in the future. Your dentist will now apply the filling material with the help of a special light to harden the product. Finally, your dental fillings are tested to ascertain alignment and a polish is applied to make it smooth as the other teeth.

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Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening vs Over-The-Counter Solutions?

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 27, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Teeth whitening

Here’s the short answer. In-office teeth whitening is the safest and fastest way of achieving your perfect whitening solution. Here are the details:

1. It will instantly boost your self confidence

Having pearly white teeth can absolutely skyrocket your confidence. They also implies how meticulous you are in taking care of your dental wellness and appearance.

2. It enhances your appearance

Your sparkly white teeth is an asset that you will be proud of. It can improve your overall appearance. Right after the teeth whitening procedure, you'll immediately see the difference without the need to edit or apply filter to your photos. Teeth whitening is an effective solution against stains that you get from your favourite food and beverages.

3. It diverts people from noticing your wrinkles

It can help turn away people from focusing on your wrinkles. People will more likely turn on your sparkly white smile and draw attention away from wrinkles and other facial skin issues.

4. It's a practical investment

Although the upfront cost might be a little expensive, it is still a less costly option over plastic surgery which costs way higher. Your dentist will also provide you a touch-up kit after the in-office treatment that will be adequate to extend the teeth whitening effect. If you are to analyze, the amazing result can offset the price tag of the procedure and the home kit.

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Invisible Fillings for that Perfect Smile

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 27, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry Invisible Dental Filling in Newport News, VA

Everyone wants their smile to look great. You will do everything that will keep dental problems at bay. Normally, you go for treatments like invisible fillings to offer you the best of both worlds. The procedure for invisible fillings is quick and easy. With this option, you will restore the teeth and fight decay without diminishing from the beauty of your smile. Dental decay is a common dental problem and if left untreated will cause a lot of pain and pose a serious threat to your dental health. In addition you will be maintaining good oral health and make you feel more confident.

Invisible fillings in Newport News, VA are designed to seal cavities and reduce the risk of further infection without impacting on the finest of your smile. Once you avail of this invisible filling it is never detected when you smile. Invisible fillings are created using dental composite and resins that makes it invisible. It is matched to the color of your natural tooth. Unlike with other metal fillings, you will never detect any difference between your natural tooth structure and the filling.

After sometime, dental decay will cause a cavity hole in your tooth that needs filling to stop any further damage to your teeth. Unlike the old style of fillings that are made from silver or other metals creates an unsightly appearance in your mouth at the same time weakens the structure of your tooth. The visible fillings will stop you from achieving your beautiful smile and eventually affects the way you feel and act. Replacing them with invisible fillings will help to improve the look of your smile and give you peace of mind. Overall, invisible fillings are completely undetectable allowing you to achieve your perfect smile.

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Deciding What Toothbrush Bristle To Use

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 07, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry in Newport News, VA

There are countless tooth brushing options out there. So how do you choose? Today will discuss briefly what’s out there on the market today and hopefully after reading this you will determine exactly what tooth brushing option is best for you.

First, understanding the differences between bristles is fundamentally important.

Hard Bristles

Hard-bristled or extra firm toothbrushes are now disappearing in stores. Although they are great at removing food debris and plaque, they are not recommended by dental professionals for they believed it will cause more harm than good.

Hard-bristled toothbrushes can hurt the gums and may cause them to erode, especially if too much pressure is used when brushing. It can also damage tooth enamel, especially when you also used an abrasive toothpaste.

Medium Bristles

Medium-bristled toothbrushes fall somewhere between soft and hard bristles. They are firm enough to eliminate food debris, but soft enough to be gentle on tooth enamel.

Soft Bristles

Soft bristles are most often recommended by Dentists since they’re gentle on the gums and won’t damage the tooth enamel. However, if you don't thoroughly brush your teeth, it won't be that effective in removing away all the plaque and food debris.

You can also see extra soft toothbrushes that are displayed in the market and are recommended in some situations. They are suitable for those with delicate gums or enamel. There are cases wherein an extra soft bristle is recommended after a dental procedure.

How to Choose the Best Toothbrush to Use

Deciding which bristle to choose can be an overwhelming experience. But the major decision comes down to soft versus medium bristles.

The type of toothbrush you are using can impact your bristle choice. A manual or electric toothbrush has its advantages; however, your preference could influence the type of bristles you want.

When using a manual toothbrush, a medium bristle is recommended to thoroughly get rid of more plaque and food debris. Just be careful of the amount of pressure you use.

When using an electric toothbrush, you probably may want to pair it with soft bristles. Since the toothbrush will mostly do the work, it can protect the gums and enamel without compromising the elimination of food debris and plaque.

Moreover, also consider the size of the toothbrush head and comfort of the handle. Too large head may not thoroughly cover all the teeth surface. Also, handles that are too large or small may be uncomfortable to use and may affect your efficiency when brushing.

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Tips on Caring for Your Porcelain Veneers

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Porcelain veneers are a treatment that restores the natural look of your teeth. It also serves as a protection for the underlying tooth surface. Porcelain veneers can last for 10 to 15 years depending on how you take care of it. If you have a veneer, you need to keep it clean and hygienic to extend its life expectancy. So here are some tips on how to care for your veneers:

1. Brush and floss regularly.

Veneer will not decay but the tooth under it can and could discolor as well. Unfortunately, it can affect the appearance of the veneer. You may still develop gum disease even with the veneers on if not properly cleaned. An ultra-soft manual or electric toothbrush can be used, floss gently, and rinse it with a mouthwash.

2. Use a whitening toothpaste.

Your veneer color is matched to the rest of your natural teeth. In order to prevent the porcelain veneers from becoming stained, use a whitening toothpaste. Also, use a non-abrasive toothpaste or a toothpaste with natural whitener like baking soda.

3. Gently floss to prevent breakage.

Use minimal pressure on the veneer when brushing or flossing in order to prevent chips and cracks.

4. Avoid or minimize intake of tooth-staining foods and drinks.

Consume less coffee, tea, wine and other tooth-staining foods and drinks. Drink water and brush as soon as possible after you have an intake of these goods.

5. Quit cigarettes and tobacco.

Cigarettes and tobacco products can shorten the lifespan and beauty of your veneer. It's nicotine content can turn your white veneers yellow quickly.

Aside from the abovementioned tips, it's important to visit your dentist every six months for checkup and professional cleaning. The dentist will also check the condition of your veneer and make adjustments if necessary. For more tips about porcelain veneers, contact Oyster Point Dentistry.

Discreet Repair Solution for Tooth Cavity

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Sedation Dentistry and Total Sleep Sedation, Newport News, VA

Cavities are at best an embarrassing condition as they appear as black marks on the teeth. Much worse, however, they become a more dangerous condition over time as they lead to pain and infection. In some cases, the infection can become life threatening.

You need to address cavities as soon as possible. We’ll be glad to treat you with tooth-colored dental fillings or “invisible fillings” to make the end result completely transparent.

Tooth-colored fillings or invisible filling are the latest trend for repairing a cavity. After the infection is treated, the hole needs to be filled. Dental porcelain and translucent dental resin are discreet restoration treatment for the affected tooth. They both reflect light in the same way the natural tooth would. The repair is unnoticeable since they are set to blend into the color of the natural tooth. Opting one of these treatment options will restore the function as well as the cosmetic appeal of your teeth. Don’t be alarmed as we are experts in making this a very comfortable procedure

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Tips To Care for Your Dental Implants

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Your Dental Implants will last a lifetime, that is, if you take care of them. Here are some common sense care tips for anyone who elects dental implants to replace natural teeth:

Avoid Contact With the Implant

Any dental device attached to your mouth would feel strange. You might be tempted to touch but at any cost, prevent yourself from getting in contact with that area for the first few days.

After surgery, it’s expected that your gums will be more sensitive than ever due to swelling and bleeding around the area of the implant. Know that this is normal. Just make sure to prevent yourself from tampering that area of your mouth to let healing process takes place smoothly.

Get Back to Brushing As Soon As Possible

While dentists recommend to temporarily stop brushing and flossing for few days after your implant procedure, as soon as your mouth are fully healed, you should get back into proper oral hygiene habits right away. Do not put your mouth at risk by going back to your old habit of not brushing or flossing.

You can let your mouth rest for a day or two post-surgery, but then get right back into brushing and flossing every day when it is completely healed.

Avoid Some Foods and Beverages That Can Damage The Implants

For first few days, you should be on strict soft diet such as jello, pudding, and oatmeal. And try to use the other side of your mouth solely when chewing your food. If you take water and milk, careful not to swish those liquid at the affected side of the mouth as this can defer the healing process too. Definitely, you can’t still gnaw on hard candies or any rough meals. In addition, it’s important avoid taking overly hot liquids or meals.

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Dental Implants for Pediatric Patients?

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 08, 2020
Oyster Point Dentistry - Dental Implants in Newport News, VA

Some incidents or disease can cause kid's permanent teeth to fall off. However, it's regrettable to say that some dental treatments for adults can't be applied to pediatric patients. Dental implants, for instance, are often not a suitable treatment for them since their jaws are still developing.

If a dental surgeon sets an implant in a growing jaw, the bone may be capable of bonding with the implant. However, it may eventually shift out of its proper position since the child's jaw is still growing. As a result, the implant may not be positioned properly.

There are rare cases when dental implants are embedded as a replacement to a children's missing teeth as an integral element of a more extensive orthodontic treatment plan, however, this is very uncommon. When dental implant treatments became a part of an orthodontic treatment plan, usually, the orthodontist and oral surgeon will work together on the interventions.

A lot of parents may feel dismayed about their children not able to acquire dental implants, as it is the most comprehensive treatment choice. Good news is that children who suffer tooth loss can be qualified for dental implants when they get older.

When the child is not eligible to get dental implants right away following a tooth loss, it does not mean that they will be never be catered for this treatment. The orthodontist can maintain the area where the tooth had been the entire treatment, while the oral surgeon can install the implants later when the jaw is completely formed.

In this circumstance, the pediatric patient may be qualified for some type of device as a replacement of the tooth's crown part in order to not compromise the child's appearance until the patient is in the right age for dental implant placement.

Dental implants are now the most preferred choice for those who are in need of a tooth replacement. However, the intervention is mostly discouraged for children and teens with developing jaws. In case your child has missing teeth, consult your dentist or oral surgeon about the things that can be done in order to preserve the potential implant placement when the jaw's growth is fully complete.

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